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(It was 5:00am at zootopia when officer Nick Wilde woke up at his bed, he yawn and waltz to his bathroom, and discovers somethings......not right with him.)
Nick: WHAT THE?!
(he noticed that he's no longer a fox but a pale fleshy being with no paws bit with.......wharever It is to him)
Nick: gotta check the news! Maybe they know what happend!
(He proceeded to check the news and discovers that the civilians didn't seemed to noticed. As they just go about their day with no whereabouts of the situation occuring)
(while panicking he tropes on his slippers and he launched out the window and fell face first into the ground and woke up screaming like that German kid who broke his tv over a game of FIFA!)
Nick: gotta check the bathroom! Please don't be a monster!
(He checked the mirror and saw he was still a fox thankfully)
Nick: phew! Wait......better check the news to see if this is real.....
(He checks the news and saw the civilians are animals as a
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a berry great birthday
(It was violet Wilde hopps 1st birthday and Nick has a very special present for her. So he went to a magic shop and bought a magic blueberry gum along with a jump suit and sweat pants and drove home. When he got there he wrapped himself with the wrapper wrote a note, and ate the gum, all while preparing for the suprise.....)
(An hour later)
Judy: Nick we're home!
(No one answered her but violet)
Judy: where's your father?
(She then noticed a round blue wrapper on the living room, puzzling the 2)
Judy: what's This?
(She then unwrapped the present and discovers it was her husband turned into a blueberry with his jumpsuit and sweatpants still intact.)
Nick: hello Judy.
(Both violet and Judy gasped in shock and awe.)
Violet: da da?
Nick: yes daddy's here.
(Violet climbed up her berried dad and hugged his head. And Nick felt Judy hugged him from the front.)
Judy: you know how to make a family happy don't ya?
Nick: do I know that? Yes, yes I do
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Disney house
(......well it's been only 2 weeks and uh......well here's a flashback of eariler)
Mr loud: you sure we should let the kids go for 2 weeks at Disneyland?
Mrs loud: yeah I mean the last time we had to bring our kids to our vacation we were kicked out for having sex at a pool during the night remember?
Mr loud: yeah I guess. I mean what's the worse that can happen?
(2 weeks later, the entire Disneyland is in ruins like it was hit by a nuclear bomb, the castle was on fire, the land marks are in an inferno, the mascots are vandalized, the rides are rusty and falling apart. And for some reason a leathle virus was spreading. The kids were smiling innocently at their peeved parents)
Mr loud:........ honey.......remind me to put Lori loud in charge of babysitting the kids next time.......FOREVER
Mrs loud: agreed.
The end
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Twcoz ep 1: double whammy part 1
(It was a bright sunny day at zootopia where the birds were chirping and the sun is rising. All is set to be a great day......untill)
(A scream was heard from an apartment from a familiar rabbit with her familiar fox with their eyes popping out of their sockets holding a pregnancy reader stuck. Which said something really......wrong.) did we?!
Fox: I don't know Judy! I....i didn't thought it was possible!
Judy: i.....i didn't know nick! so sorry!
Nick: ok ok calm down honey. Calm. Down. Maybe this is a prank. Yeah! A harmless prank! Let's test it again to see the ACTUAL results.
(Oop! I forgot to introduce the characters. The rabbit is named, Judy Lavender Hopps and the fox next to her is her boyfriend Nick P. Wilde. Once nick was a con who was scamming unsuspecting animals because......well.......his past kinda made him put all his rage towards the city. And Judy was "briefly" a meter maid cause chief bogo "their ki da bossy buffalo" di
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coming soon by josejr22 coming soon :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0
A possibility
(Also art trade 4 tanasweet123)
(At a diner at zootopia central, nick and Judy were having quite a conversation)
Nick: I just don't understand what's got miss "try everything so worried .
Judy: I'm not worried nick and I like when you act all carefree and....nick-esh. Still, we're partners. Best friends. Oh! Also one of us is a bunny. Dating is a BIG step. You understand that right?
Nick: of course Judy I'm not gotta let anything come between us, not if this is what you want.
Judy: what i-? Listen you rascal there's nothing I want MORE. You had better be prepared for that.
Unknown bystander: check out the FREAKS in love.
(Upon hearing that, Judy shifts her head to a skinny skunk dating her nerdy husband in an near instant.)
Skunk girls husband: I think they heard you
Nick: (annoyed) Ma'am I can hear your PERFUME from here. Now would ya mind-
(Just then, a glitch occurred before the fox could finished his sentence. And out came a rhino in a plaid red orange shirt with overalls with one
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A childest date
(At a diner at zootopia center, nick and Judy were waiting for the bill after they ate their dinner, when nick showed her a golden pocket watch.)
Judy: Awwww! How sweet nick!
Nick: glad to hear carrots. I got it from a gypsi man in a gypsi store.
Judy: hmmmm......sounds like an odd place for a watch....hey, what's this button?
(Upon pressing the button, a brief flash the brightness of a flash grenade covers the 2 in an instant, upon opening their eyes, they saw that they shrink into 2 6 year olds!)
Judy: Nick! Your watch just turned us into kids!
Nick: i-im sorry! I didn't mean to!
Judy: I guess your right, besides there's another button that may turn us back, and I kinda like being a kid again, don't you?
Nick: I agree! So.....wanna be kids for the night?
Judy: wouldn't wanna waste it.
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house of topia
(In the house of mouse)
Mickey; and for best animated movie goes to.......zootopia!
(Crowd cheers as nick and Judy came to claim their reward)
Judy: wow! Thanks everyone! I was just surprised for an reward of all times!
Nick: Toot Toot!
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If the loud kids see their fanbase
Lincoln: hey girls! Could you come here for a sec?
(All of Lincoln's sisters came to his room)
Sisters: what?
(Lincoln goes to the bathroom with a distrubed face while saying: "OH GOD IH GOD OH GOD OHGODOHGODOHIDOIGIOFOF")
Lori:.........what was that?
Lisa: dont know but it seems he must've saw something adult on his laptop.
Lola: oh boy that kid is so busted!
Lana: maybe we should see what he saw
Lola: yes let's! I wanna know what he saw that wasn't appropriate to him! (Gives a evil smile)
Lana: could you please not do that? It's kinda scary
Lola: sorry
(The girls then proceed to check out a story called "trustworthy" parts 1 to 2)
Leni: like that sounds totes adorable!
Luna: yeah dudes!
Luan: huh, don't see anything wrong with that!
(1 hour later......)
Rita: kids we're back!
Lynn Sr: we bought some chocolate! For the girls!
(The 2 find their kids on a fetal position and are dousing their eyes with bleach. With Clyde watching)
Rita:......uh clyde.......what happend!?
Clyde: they migh
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(Zootopia was....having quite a big problem, it was a regular summer day....then.....out of FREAKING nowhere black.....monsturous abominations started to rise from the ground and started to attack the citizens, the ZPD was struggling to stop the threat, eventually they killed nearly all of them. But Meanwhile nick and Judy were up against a horde of the remaining black monsters....then they ran out of bullets....but as they were gonna die....a lion dressed in a really fasinablely questionable outfit with a duck and a weird looking cow and eradicated all of them.... and they then just....vainished.....but not without drawing something on the wall near them. Saying: "from sora" with a heart.)
Nick: what was that?
Judy: don't know......but I'm glad this......sora character came and saved us......who is he anyway?......
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what my brother got by josejr22 what my brother got :iconjosejr22:josejr22 2 4
The teen years of stu and bonnie
(At bunnyborrow high In 1983 14 year old Stu was being bullied by 2 muscular foxes)
Fox 1: hey punk. You got any cash?
Stu: no
Fox 2: then what's this green in your pocket?
(The foxs 2ns brother then cried to his brother)
(A 16 year old rabbit came to the 3 with a threatening facial expression)
Fox 1: what are YOU gonna do?
(The rabbit whispers into his ear and what she said scared him straight and ran off with his brother)
Stu: th-thanks
Girl rabbit: your welcome. By the way...the names bonnie
Stu: thanks for the assist bonnie.
Bonnie: don't mention it.
Stu: (blushing) wanna go out some time?
Bonnie: if I have time yeah.
Stu: thanks.
Bonnie: your welcome.
(And bonnie walked to her classroom as Stu began to have thoughts of a good future ahead of him.)
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the grass lands of putur rico by josejr22 the grass lands of putur rico :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0
All you can love buffet
(At a diner in central zootropilis, nick and Judy are at a date with each other waiting for their dinner. Eventually their waiter arrived)
Waiter: your dinner has arrived.
Judy: Thanks!
(The waiter gives the 2 their food, Judy gets a medium sized carrot cake and nick gets a blueberry pie.)
Nick: Lets dig in!
(The 2 begin to eat their food and notice something in their menu booklet.)
Judy: what's this?
(The menu seems to have a golden section which says "Free food 4 100 meals)
Judy: excuse me waiter? What's this mean?
Waiter: it means that if you wanted to your dinner could be free if you do this buffet of ours.
Nick: well we are short on cash.... sure why not?
Waiter: excellent choice.
Judy: Nick? You sure about this?
Nick: aren't you still hungry?
(Het stomach rumbles)
Judy: I guess you got a point.
(The waiter gives the two 100 foods both of blueberry and carrot flavored foods.)
Waiter: ready?
Both: ready!
Waiter: DIG in!
(The 2 begin to chow down on their food, For nick he showed th
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look at my sister got for herself by josejr22 look at my sister got for herself :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0 what i got for my birthday by josejr22 what i got for my birthday :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0


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This is something i was consideting, like it's a zootopia series but with tex Averys cartoon logic in it.  How does that sound?
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