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If the loud kids see their fanbase
Lincoln: hey girls! Could you come here for a sec?
(All of Lincoln's sisters came to his room)
Sisters: what?
(Lincoln goes to the bathroom with a distrubed face while saying: "OH GOD IH GOD OH GOD OHGODOHGODOHIDOIGIOFOF")
Lori:.........what was that?
Lisa: dont know but it seems he must've saw something adult on his laptop.
Lola: oh boy that kid is so busted!
Lana: maybe we should see what he saw
Lola: yes let's! I wanna know what he saw that wasn't appropriate to him! (Gives a evil smile)
Lana: could you please not do that? It's kinda scary
Lola: sorry
(The girls then proceed to check out a story called "trustworthy" parts 1 to 2)
Leni: like that sounds totes adorable!
Luna: yeah dudes!
Luan: huh, don't see anything wrong with that!
(1 hour later......)
Rita: kids we're back!
Lynn Sr: we bought some chocolate! For the girls!
(The 2 find their kids on a fetal position and are dousing their eyes with bleach. With Clyde watching)
Rita:......uh clyde.......what happend!?
Clyde: they migh
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(Zootopia was....having quite a big problem, it was a regular summer day....then.....out of FREAKING nowhere black.....monsturous abominations started to rise from the ground and started to attack the citizens, the ZPD was struggling to stop the threat, eventually they killed nearly all of them. But Meanwhile nick and Judy were up against a horde of the remaining black monsters....then they ran out of bullets....but as they were gonna die....a lion dressed in a really fasinablely questionable outfit with a duck and a weird looking cow and eradicated all of them.... and they then just....vainished.....but not without drawing something on the wall near them. Saying: "from sora" with a heart.)
Nick: what was that?
Judy: don't know......but I'm glad this......sora character came and saved us......who is he anyway?......
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what my brother got by josejr22 what my brother got :iconjosejr22:josejr22 1 4
The teen years of stu and bonnie
(At bunnyborrow high In 1983 14 year old Stu was being bullied by 2 muscular foxes)
Fox 1: hey punk. You got any cash?
Stu: no
Fox 2: then what's this green in your pocket?
(The foxs 2ns brother then cried to his brother)
(A 16 year old rabbit came to the 3 with a threatening facial expression)
Fox 1: what are YOU gonna do?
(The rabbit whispers into his ear and what she said scared him straight and ran off with his brother)
Stu: th-thanks
Girl rabbit: your welcome. By the way...the names bonnie
Stu: thanks for the assist bonnie.
Bonnie: don't mention it.
Stu: (blushing) wanna go out some time?
Bonnie: if I have time yeah.
Stu: thanks.
Bonnie: your welcome.
(And bonnie walked to her classroom as Stu began to have thoughts of a good future ahead of him.)
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the grass lands of putur rico by josejr22 the grass lands of putur rico :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0
All you can love buffet
(At a diner in central zootropilis, nick and Judy are at a date with each other waiting for their dinner. Eventually their waiter arrived)
Waiter: your dinner has arrived.
Judy: Thanks!
(The waiter gives the 2 their food, Judy gets a medium sized carrot cake and nick gets a blueberry pie.)
Nick: Lets dig in!
(The 2 begin to eat their food and notice something in their menu booklet.)
Judy: what's this?
(The menu seems to have a golden section which says "Free food 4 100 meals)
Judy: excuse me waiter? What's this mean?
Waiter: it means that if you wanted to your dinner could be free if you do this buffet of ours.
Nick: well we are short on cash.... sure why not?
Waiter: excellent choice.
Judy: Nick? You sure about this?
Nick: aren't you still hungry?
(Het stomach rumbles)
Judy: I guess you got a point.
(The waiter gives the two 100 foods both of blueberry and carrot flavored foods.)
Waiter: ready?
Both: ready!
Waiter: DIG in!
(The 2 begin to chow down on their food, For nick he showed th
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look at my sister got for herself by josejr22 look at my sister got for herself :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0 what i got for my birthday by josejr22 what i got for my birthday :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0
zooinflation love
(In the inventing room after Clawhausher got sucked up a chocolate pipe and almost drowned dawn, finnick,Judy,nick and willy wombat were observing a gum machine where it can make a 3 course meal gum. Although it works its still a prototype. And it still contains glitches in it. But Judy decided to test it with willy's permission and Judy chewed the gum to apparent obilvion. After the test it.seemed to work....untill Judy started to feel weird.)
Judy: oof. I feel weird.
(Blue spots start to appear all over her fur.)
Nick: Judy your turning Blue!
Judy: (looks down) What the?!
(Judy finished turning blue and then she started to swell up.)
Judy: what's happening to me?!
Nick: the gum must be still glitchy!
(Judy couldn't do anything to save her from swelling. Eventually she stopped swelling. And nick began to blush)
Nick: you know blue.....interests me
Judy: well at least it feels nice.....
(Nick then proceed to kiss Judy in lip.)
Judy: (lustful) wanna roll me for a while?
Nick: sure.....m
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what i look like by josejr22 what i look like :iconjosejr22:josejr22 0 0
zoo house 2
(At Judy's apartment she was in her phone texting to someone, when a knock at her door was heard. When she opens the door, nick was showend.)
Nick: hey Judy! Who're your texting to?
Judy: a friend of mine. I met her (via phone texting) at a coffee shop and told me a lot about herself.
Nick: really who is she?
Judy: Lori Loud.
Nick: heh cute name...... but not as cute as yours of course (pokes Judy's nose making her giggle.)
Judy: oh stop silly fox!
Judy: I got a message from her!
Nick: what's it say?
Judy: "How bout you come to my house for the weekend?" We should go there!
Nick: eh why not?
(The 2 drove from zootopia to royal woods and then eventually the loud residence. Judy knocked at the door and Lori Loud opens it to see the 2.)
Lori: welcome to the loud house you 2!..... Who's the fox though?
Nick; Nick Wilde ma'am.
Lori; ok then. So here's the family. Here's Leni,Luan,Luna,Lincoln,Lynn,Lucy,Lola,Lana,Lisa, and Lily.
(Both are stunned by the large family.)
Nick: This'll be
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zoo house
(in the loud residence. The louds were having fun with Judy hopps and Nick wilde with games sports and contests.)
Lana: can I nuzzel your fur please?
Nick: sure kid. Go for it.
(She then nuzzel Nick's fur making both of them giggle.)
Lana: It tickels!
Nick: I know!
Lola: more tea miss hopps?
Judy: sure I would please!
(Lola then poured tea in her cup. And she drank it.)
Lincoln:, how's the house?
Nick and Judy: Sweet!
(Then the group huged together.)
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Blue Bonnie
(it was a beautiful day in bunny burrow, Stu was planning the carrots, and Bonnie was picking some blueberries for dinner, whilest picking berries she felt hungry so she decided she'd eat about 5 blueberries to satify her hunger. After eating all 5 berries she felt full finnaly. When she was walking to her house. She began to felt TOO full...)
Bonnie: wow. Those blueberries must not be sitting well I guess.
(When she placed her hand on her belly. She saw her paw turning blue. And her nose, ears, feet, and tail had turned blue)
Bonnie: (startled) um.... Is this an allergic reaction?
(Then a gurgling sound was made and when she looked down she saw she was swelling up!)
Bonnie: (scared) maybe it was posined?.
(Her body began swelling as well! Her hips, butt,belly, and limbs began swelling with blueberry juice! As soon as her panties were exposed. She soon stopped swelling and became a elephant sized berry. Just then her husband Stu came and was shocked!. And yet remotancly attracted to he
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(In a science lab, a rogue cat was holding several scientist hostage, so they can be forced to make a virus which’ll edradicated all predators and prey in zootopia, execpt for cats making them the dominant species of the planet. All was going well when….)
(Doors bust open and out came Judy hopps and Nick Wilde)
Male scientist: THANK THE NINE YOU 2 CAME!
Cat: SHUT UP!!!
Judy: touch them bad, and you'll be shot!
Cat: (not paying attention) OHHH what's this button do? (Presses button)
(A portal device opens up and out came 2 human versions of Nick and Judy.)
Human nck: where are we?
Human Judy: I don't know but are those anthropomorphic animals?
Human Nick: yeah! And they even dressed like us!
(The cat then grabbed his knife and held it against a woman scientist)
Cat: excuse me, but if ANY of you move, this lady GETS IT!!!
lady scientist: help!
Judy and human Judy: we got you!
Nick and human Nick: Us too!
(The four dogpiled the cat while the 2 judies untied the s
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(At the central part of zootopia, officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps were chasing bootleg dvd salesman Duke wealston for illegal dvd selling.)
Nick: Man his weasel doesn't slow down!
Judy: We'll keep running! He can't be fa- *POW*
(Judy crashed into a cyan colored tank top light brown shorts, flipper wearing with blonde hair 18 year old.)
Rabbit: what's the deal?!
Rabbit: (offscreen) Lori are you alright?!
(The 3 looked straight and saw another rabbit, only it's a boy who's wearing a 2 buttoned orange short, blue pants, and white red striped shoes.)
Lori: yeah I'm alright Lincoln (hugs Lincoln)
Judy: Sorry! I was just doing my job.
Lori: it's alright I was just checking what was going on.
Nick: we’re fine and you are?
Lincoln: sorry to not introduced us. I'm Lincoln Loud
Lori:......and I'm Lori Loud.
Judy: Right well I'm officer Judy Hopps and this is my partner officer Nick Wilde. Right now we have something to take care of. (Points at Duke, who is waiting for the ligh
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(At the shore of zootopia beach Nick and Judy were busy building a sandcastle when 2 seashell necklaces wash onshore caught their attention)
Judy: Awwwwwww! These look cute! Let's put them on
Nick: I guess they DO look cute. Sure why not?
(The 2 put the necklaces on and were charmed by the look.)
Judy: wanna go for a swim?
Nick: yeah!
(The 2 jumped onto the water for a swim. Everything was getting normal. Untill a glow appeared at their legs and went completely numb. When the glow subcedide they saw their legs were now mermaid legs! (Green for Nick, and blue for Judy)
Judy: WHAT THE?!
Nick: OUR LEGS!!!
Judy: it must be the necklaces!
Nick: should we get help?!
Judy: Actually this feels pretty good
Nick: really?
Judy: yeah. It feels like a bedsheet.
Nick: oh it does feel soft. But now what?
Judy: Wanna swim for the night?
Nick: As you wish.
(And the 2 swim to the rest of the night)
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Animation Atrocities: El Materdor by Bubblegum-Chameleon Animation Atrocities: El Materdor :iconbubblegum-chameleon:Bubblegum-Chameleon 1 2 Maxwell's Different cartoon Art Style by BryanVelasquez87 Maxwell's Different cartoon Art Style :iconbryanvelasquez87:BryanVelasquez87 29 14
The ZPD's biggest fox belly
It was another average day at the ZPD. Various officers were going about their duties or taking a relaxing break.
Speaking of break, officer nick Wilde was chilling in the break room reading a magazine.
He hears the door open and turns to see his partner and girlfriend, Judy hopps, walking up to him with a smile on her face and something behind her back.
Nick: hey fluff, what's that you got behind your back?
Judy: well, I thought i'd give you something. *pulls out a blueberry cream donut*
Nick: oh wow! Thanks! *grabs the donut and pops it into his mouth, chewing it in bliss* mmm! Tastes even better than usual! *swallows*
But no more than thirty seconds later, his belly began to gurgle and bubble from within.
Nick: ohhh... I don't feel so good. Is that donut giving me gas? *looks down and screams as his belly starts inflating* what th--?! Not again!
Nick's belly swells and rounds out, the buttons on his uniform shirt pop off, as does his belt.
Soon, the swelling stopped. Nick's belly wa
:icontanasweet123:tanasweet123 5 5
Maid to be huge page 2 by Robot001 Maid to be huge page 2 :iconrobot001:Robot001 46 8
The Wrath of Lincoln Loud#4: Reconciliation-Ish
If anyone asks.... NO! This is NOT a "mean sister versus nice sister" story. I apologize if it looks this way so far, but seriously. That's not the direction I'm taking this. Ugh.
(Also, please read the description. Thank you.)
"I can't believe you, Pop-Pop," Lynn Loud Jr. mutters to herself quietly.
In the garage, she can be seen venting out her frustrations by kicking and punching the punching bag. The jock has been at this activity for the past week and a half. Seeing how a lot of her siblings realized the errors of their ways (the parents included), Lynn was actually appalled by that. Of course, if she openly expressed her disapproval of dropping the luck situation revolving around Lincoln, she'd get into more trouble than she already is now. Lynn thinks to herself, 'Why did Pop-Pop have to come over THEN of all times?' While she continues on with her current activity, she thinks about how things went down after Albert put an end to the aforementioned problem...
(Before it es
:iconbloodkirbyunleashed:BloodKirbyUnleashed 20 6
Maid to be huge page 1 by Robot001 Maid to be huge page 1 :iconrobot001:Robot001 49 2 All Hope Is Lost (The Legend of Zootopia) by FinnickAbrenica09 All Hope Is Lost (The Legend of Zootopia) :iconfinnickabrenica09:FinnickAbrenica09 55 22 Chew It Emily pg10 by pinkiepielover63 Chew It Emily pg10 :iconpinkiepielover63:pinkiepielover63 8 6 The Hive by max4ever The Hive :iconmax4ever:max4ever 681 18 Distant City by JillLenaD Distant City :iconjilllenad:JillLenaD 786 31 Venom Lori sketch by kickazzjohnni Venom Lori sketch :iconkickazzjohnni:kickazzjohnni 4 0 Fairly Oddparents: Just Desserts - Mothman64 Style by Mothman64 Fairly Oddparents: Just Desserts - Mothman64 Style :iconmothman64:Mothman64 126 24 Of Disguises And Babysitters by SofiaBlythe2014 Of Disguises And Babysitters :iconsofiablythe2014:SofiaBlythe2014 7 5
The Loud Analysis #1: Cerebus Syndrome
(Credit goes to eagc7 for the art presented in the card)
Hello, everyone! Welcome to “The Loud Analysis”. This is going to be a brand new series where I talk about certain topics regarding The Loud House and go and reflect upon such. Now, before anyone says anything, no, I am not trying to copy PieGuyRulz’s “Square Theory” series. He’s not the first person nor the last person to go look upon aspects of a cartoon and reflect upon them. A Lot of other people have done this not just with cartoons, but with anime and movies as well. But let’s stop beating around the bush and get to today’s topic.
Now, when it comes to The Loud House, the show has been known that despite that it’s mainly a comedy cartoon, episodes will often have down-to-earth moments where they drop the humor and allow some time to help put some weight to whatever situation or moment it’s in, usually during the 3rd act for when the characters (mainl
:icondigicartoonist99:DigiCartoonist99 13 15
Animated Atrocities: Tom And Jerry:  WWATCF by JCFanfics Animated Atrocities: Tom And Jerry: WWATCF :iconjcfanfics:JCFanfics 6 0 Judy and Nick shorts-cheers p3 by Holmssie Judy and Nick shorts-cheers p3 :iconholmssie:Holmssie 40 14



1: (a zootopia wg story) still wanting revenge for being force fed to big proporstions, Judy decides to enchant a doughnut and feed it to nick. When he eats it, his belly swells up to big proportions while Judy gives a evil s.ile in her face as she explains what's happening. Then she chuckles and tells him that she forgives him. Even the times where he inflated her in various ways.
tanasweet123 EmperorNortonII

2: (a loud house sequel to loud werewolves) knowing that the night is still young, Lincoln shows his wolfified sisters how great it is to be a wolf, he shows them how their fur gives them extra warmth, how their scent is now superhuman, and how they just look SO cute!


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