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A blessing blue time
(At Nick’s apartment, he was waiting for Judy for a surprise present.)
Nick: Oh boy! I can't wait for my present! I hope it's a blueberry Pie!
(Just then a knock at the door was heard and when Nick opened the door, Judy was seen with her pink buttoned shirt and gray pants. Nick couldn't help but hugged the bunny tightly.)
Judy: Calm down you sly fox! I got your present.
(Judy gives Nick a blueberry flavored gum, much to his joy.)
Nick: You knew my favorite flavor!
(Nick grabs the gum and chews it in bliss)
Judy: How does it taste?
Nick: Like blueberry Pie of course!
(Unbeknownst to Nick, his nose started to turn blue, which spread to his face,head,neck,body,and legs,plus arms, and even his eyes and tongue! Judy couldn't help but giggle.)
Nick: What's so funny Hopps?
Nick: Oof. I feel full suddenly.
(Nick places his hand on his stomach, where he saw his body turned blue.)
Nick: Uh carrots, why is my body blue?
Judy: Well I know how much you love blueberries, so…. I'
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A Wilde inflation
(At Judy’s apartment, she was expecting her partner (and boyfriend) Nick Wilde, who texted to Judy that he has a surprise for her.) Judy: (thinking) what kind of surprise does Nick have in store for me? Must be a really good one I guess. (Eventually Nick came knocking at her door.) Judy: who is it? Nick: You know who! (Judy opened the door and saw Nick with his usual Hawaii buttoned shirt and light brown pants.) Judy: HI you goof! Nick: Hello to you to carrots (Judy then noticed that Nick was holding a air tank, the one usually for inflating balloons.) Judy: uh Nick, what’s with the air tank? Nick: I think you’ll learn soon enough. (Nick then unbuttoned his shirt and threw in in Judy’s bed, then he put the tanks hose in his mouth) Nick: Care to turn the tank on pretty please carrots? Judy: (obviously confused) sure… (Judy turned the tanks wheel a
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Tattletail journal
Day 1: I couldn't sleep, i just HAD to know what my mom got me for Christmas.So i walked downstairs to the basement, halfway there however,i heard SOMETHING in the basement,but nothing appeared... strange. eventually i open my gift and to my joy, it was the popular toy, a baby Tattle tail. when i open the box it powered on and spoke to me, telling me to feed me,groom me, and wash me. To be honest i felt skeptical of opening my gift early. I mean i was good all year,no naughty deed whatsoever.But i felt like i had to know. After i was done i put my Tattle tail toy back in its box, so my mom wouldn't be wiser to know. Still i felt like something was off when the toy turned itself on...
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(It's been a week since Leni inflated herself with Lisa's inflation elixer. Soon Lynn Jr became interested in that. So she snuck into Lisa'so room and grabbed the elixer and ran out.)
(At the backyard...)
Lincoln: so Lynn, what type of fight do you want to do? Boxing,karate,or a mud FIGHT?
Lynn jr: Sumo.
Lincoln: but your not fat.
Lynn jr: got that coverd  (douses herself with the elixer.)
Lincoln: (aftaid) was that?
(Lynn jr immedintly blimped up)
Lynn jr: yep!
(Lincoln gulps nervously as Lynn began to bounce high and squished Lincoln pinning him.)
Lynn jr: having second thoughts?
Lincoln: considering it
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The beauty of inflation
(It's been 1 week since Leni inadvertently used Lisa's inflatable suit and inflated herself by accident. Eventually she popped it. But soon she felt like she needed to inflate herself again.)
Leni:Hey Lisa. Can I ask you something?
Lisa: What is it?
Leni: Do you have something to inflate myself? I just wanna feel big again.
Lisa: You Sure? Because if I recall, you bounced around the house.
Leni: Yeah but do you have one that doesn't make me bouncy? Please?
Lisa: Fine. You win.
Leni: (exicted) Yay! (Hugs Lisa) thank you!
Lisa: (deadpan) your welcome.
(Lisa then grabbed her inflation potion and gives it to Leni)
Leni: Here goes! (Drinks the potion and 4 seconds later,a hiss was heard.)
Lisa: I'l take cover (Hides behind her bed)
(Leni then inflates to round size, much to her delight.)
Leni: Hey Lisa....
(Lisa peeks over and immediately gets squished by Leni'so inflated belly.)
Leni: Thank you so much! (Kisses Lisa'so forehead)
Lisa: (to the reader) Well at least she's soft.
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Roly poly sisters
(It's been a week since Lori Leni Luna Luan and Lynn were bloated to 400 pounds thanks to lisa. While they did manege to adapt to their obese weight Lisa so. Cured them much to their dismay. The girls were see by Lincoln sitting in the couch in the living room moping)
Lincoln: you alright girls?
Lori:hi Lincoln we’se just a little sad were back to our normal weight again.
Luna:yeah I really enjoyed playing the drums on my belly
Luan:I had some joke about our weights.
Leni:I just bought some fabrics for our fat weights.
Lynn:I liked being a sumo wrestler
Lincoln: how about I make it up to you? How about a sleepover to cheer you up. I just want to see you happy.
(The girls were happy for Lincoln for the idea. They were so glad to have a brother that cares and loves them like a real bro would do. They could only do as hug him tightly)
The sisters: (in union) Thank you Lincoln!
Lincoln: your welcome! Here’s some milk (gives the girls milk) oh and I took the liberty of putting s
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Ronnie's BIG day
It was night where lisa was working on an experiment. The project was a blue metalic block with a purple button on the top.Just as she began to test it she fell alsleep from exhaustion.
It was Lincoln and Ronnie anne's anniversary, Ronnie gave Lincoln a DAgames soundtrack and Lincoln gave Ronnie lisa's blue block.
Ronnie: (puzzled) uh Lame-o whats this?
Lincoln: lisa's block, i asked her if i can give it to you and surprisingly she said 'yes'
Ronnie: Thanks! Hey whats this button do? (pushes the top button)
Nearly at an instant the top lid opend up and a hose sprayed Ronnie with blue gas making her drop the block.
Ronnie: (While coughing ) relax scardy pants i'm still here
Lincoln hugged Ronnie who hugged him back
Lincoln: thank goodness your alri-- (his eyes grew wide)
Ronnie:whats wrong?
Lincoln: Blue
Ronnie: what?
Lincoln: your blue in your face
Ronnie anne looked in a nearby mirror where her body was turning blue
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1 boy and 10 berries
Lori: Hey Lincoln more tea please!
Lincoln was having a hard time compriending the predicament he's in but he eventually got some tea for his blueberry sister Lori. It started when he and his genius 3 year old Lisa modified a blueberry tea recipe with some extra natural juice and artificial juice and when lisa began to test she not only turned blue she swole to sledgehammer size when the other sisters came in they were astonished by the result and ask Lincoln to make more for them. Reluctantly he made more modifed tea and the sisters tasted the tea and... Well here we at now
Lincoln: Heres some tea Lori. I'll give the tea to the others.
Lincoln grabbed the tea pot and walked to the other berry sisters.
Lincoln: Luna, tell me again why did you wanted me to do this to you?
Luna didn't said anything at first. She just put the teacup at her XS1 goliath sized tummy.
Luna: Because we love you silly.
Luan,lola,lana,Lily,Lucy,Lynn jr,Lori,Lisa,and Leni: Yeah!
Lincoln could only do as much is t
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Like brother like sister
(At the loud house Lincoln was looking at his yellow sticky notes in quite regret . Due to the events of "get the message " where he made a list of how Lori is a bad sister. Then Lori comes in his room)
Lori:What's wrong Lincoln?
Lincoln: oh hi Lori
Lori:you look sad.
Lincoln:I just ... I just ... Feel bad for my list of how you're a bad sis I just wanted to get you back for breaking my oculus rift VR headset and for kicking me out of your room when I inadvertently went there.
Lori: oh that well to be honest I also feel bad for that day.
Lincoln:You do?
Lori:Yes but don't focus on the bad memories focus on your future. Although I scratch mom and dads car with my purse (a tattlers tale) calling you a "twerp" (several eposides) and for literally starting a defcon5 in the house when me and Leni bought identical dresses (brawl in the family)
Lincoln:wow. We had a history.
Lori:it may be cliche but it's important for me to be a better teenager and for you as well baby bro.
Lincoln: (blushes
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Halloweeen balloons
In Halloween bans busters daffy and piggy were going trick and treating with bans as superbas buster as a doctor, daffy as a vampire and porky as a monster while trick and treating they find 4 pieces of mints in an house. Deciding to eat it the gang ate the mints. Eventually they inflated instantly into balloons and they were happy the end
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The fruit
In a forest Robin Hood(the fox version) and maid Marian(the puma one I think) were walking down the dark forest starving for food when they come across a strange fruit. Robin hood:"lets eat it" maid Marian:"good idea" Robin grabbed the fruit and took a bite out of it and maid Marian bite out of the fruit as well. Then 40 seconds later POOF! both Robin and maid Marian instantly inflated into balloons! Robin:"well this is new I like it!" Maid Marian:" me too!" And they both rolled to the castle the end!
:iconjosejr22:josejr22 1 4
The Cute situation
In June 19th 2025 Rita (the cutesinging beautifully voiced cat) and Runt (Rita's best friend who's a dog that's also extremely mentally challenged) are walking down the streets of new York.
 Rita:"so Runt how's your day?"
Runt:"oh good Rita *laughs idiocy*"
meanwhile Section (A.K.A David Mason) is trying to stop Raul menendaz's drone attack when.

 Ugh, my console crashed. What have you got, can you get in?
Army Ranger: Holy moly. Menendez is transmitting a live webcast. He's on right now!
All the screens in the broadcast room change to Menendez's broadcast. He is talking in front of a brown wall with the Cordis Die symbol on it.
Menendez: ...Opulence is sinful, and we all pay for it. Los Angeles was the flagship of their absurd materialism,so I destroyed it.
Section: I'm locked out, can you hack into the system?
Menendez: They thought I wanted to kill the president.
Section walks over to the Army Ranger on the computer, which has the words "locked" flashing on
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The forest berry
In a forest 2 cats named pinky and chettha were walking down it when chettha offers him some gum. He accepts and chews it with praise for blueberry flavor. Then 88 seconds later he noticed his body turned blue and 40 seconds later he started to swell up and started to like it with chettha smiling in joyment. 100 seconds later pinky turned into a 7 foot blueberry and chettha kissed him on the cheeck. The end.
And I have very limited information of what my pal showed me so I guess.
:iconjosejr22:josejr22 1 2
The Christmas miracle
*Disclaimer the zootopia film haden't been released yet so if any of the things included in the story please place a correction in the comments below*
In the zootopia police department (A.K.A ZPD) police bunny Judy Hops was writing of a recent robbery with his partner Nick Wilde who was a former con artist. By December 24th midnight Nick (whom I think is in love due to the fan art of a main character couple in the upcoming film) puts a blue gum in the Christmas tree of Nick's house. By December 25th 2016 (I think) Judy came to Nick's house with her blue and black police uniform (that oddly looks like the one from the fbi's from black ops 2) because of an invitation she had. Judy:"Nick? Where are you?" Judy looked everywhere and then spotted a blue stick of gum in a basket in the kitchen which said "from the best police buddy from Nicky" in it. Judy:"well it is nice of him to give me something so why not?" Judy grabbed the gum took of the wrapper and started chewing it. Judy:"Hey this i
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the ultimate valitine
In littlest pet shop in febuary 14th penny ling and zoe trent found 2 sticks of blue gum. zoe:"should we eat it penny?" penny:"yeah aren't you hungry?" zoe:"i guess i am" so zoe and penny chewed the gum and it was blueberry sweetness and 50 seconds later... zoe:"hey penny is your nose blue?" penny:" yours too!" both zoe and penny looked in a mirror and saw that they both were turning blue! zoe:" EEP! WHATS HAPPENING TO US!" both zoe and penny turned blue and 30 seconds later... penny:"AHHHH! WE'RE SWELLING!!!" both the dog and panda were swelling everywhere in their bodies and they paniced when zoe:" hey this isn't bad" penny:"yeah i think i like this" zoe:"me too *chuckel*" a minute and 40 seconds later they both became two giant blueberry pets. then the 2 felt something touching them. zoe:"hey penny are you touching me?" penny shook her head. zoe:" then who is-" zoe turned and found her friend russel the hedgehog hugging her side blushing and penny found her gecko friend vinne huggin
:iconjosejr22:josejr22 2 3
the magic trick
In the littlest pet shop a mongoose called sunil was setting the stage for his magic trick and asked his panda friend penny ling for his assistant and she accepted. later sunil:"Ladies and gentleman perperring the hypnotism of penny ling!" the pets cheered. sunil:"today i will hypnotize penny the panda to fill herself up with helium with a helium tank and when i snap my fingers she will deflate herself!" penny ling got worried. penny:"are you sure this is a good idea sunil?" sunil:"it'll be fine penny magic can't harm you" sunil got the helium tank and placed the hose to penny's mouth. sunil:"now i will hypnotize the panda right NOW!" sunil hangs a watch at pennys eyes and wave it side to side and pennys eyes started to swirl. sunil:"now penny i command you to inflate yourself with the helium tank and when i snap my fingers you will deflate yourself." penny:"yes master" penny started to turn the tanks knob and she started to inflate. 60 seconds later penny was a big floating panda and
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